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History & Milestone

Year Title
2013 In early 2013, two young friends & entrepreneurs, Mr. Shabbir Ahmed and Mr. Rakesh Shahi started working on a new idea to deal with lack of information on chemicals. Six months later, Life science Intellipedia launches as a partnership venture. Growth was slow at first as few as 10 customers in early six month; however the pace picked up in later half of year
2014 Growth accelerates with the introduction of market research reports. Life science Intellipedia introduces new concept of market research by combining secondary research with primary research, it really worked, The company achieved its profitability in its second year of inception
2015 Lifescience Intellipedia introduces its second business, online database portal as consumer (Buyer) finding tool. The company also moves into its second office in second years at Noida, In 2015, the company started gaining recognition across the country
2016 With the launch of Lifescience Intellipedia as a Pvt. Ltd Company, Now Lifescience Intellipedia Pvt. Ltd. begins expanding their business globally. In 2016, the company introduces new business in Pharma regulatory affairs, our aim was to meet the quality gap of Indian lifesciences companies as per global regulatory standards, by then the company has achieved a milestone to connect with approx. 400 customers globally
2017 Lifescience Intellipedia Pvt. Ltd has now a strength of more than 50 employee and touched a new financial heights, In the same year, the company launched new online tools of finding chemical suppliers globally, At global front, we visited at Arab-Health Dubai and exhibited at bigger platform like IPHEX in India in the first quarter of this year & beginning the next decade of Lifescience Intellipedia; we sought to create a map of the digital information economy


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