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Our team

We are a young and a dynamic team working towards creating hassle-free, technology-driven, affordable solutions, Each and every one of our employees represent the spirit of our company: driven, committed, and acutely aware of how limitless Lifescience Intellipedia potential is to grow, we are self-starters with diverse experience and skill sets to produce not just an effective workforce, but a well-rounded, talented and complementary team

Let us meet our young team.

Operations Team

Piyush Ruhela

Piyush Ruhela has been leading Exim Analytics and Database team. He is responsible for the coordination of all daily exim and database activities including preparation of trade data reports, data delivery to clients, updating data in database on regular bases and also solves customer queries related to data

Piyush holds a Master degree in Pharmacology from GBTU University. Apart from Work, He enjoys Reading Novels, Playing badminton, playing computer games

Saleem Akhter

Saleem Akhter is leading company module team and is responsible for the coordination of all daily research activities including identifying manufacturers and consumers globally, assigning company category, company buying and supplying capacity and contact related information

He plays a pivotal role in enhancing quality of LSIPD company module content. Prior to joining Lifescience Intellipedia, Saleem was actively pursuing research in plant culture in Genetics

Saleem holds a Master’s degree in Botany from Agra University, India. Apart from work, He enjoys games like cricket, table tennis, watching movie and dancing

Farhan Ali

Farhan Ali has been leading market research team and is responsible for all market research related activities including preparation of market research reports of different segments of Industries, solving queries of customers; He is well versed with primary market & secondary market research report writing, market estimation and trend analysis

Farhan holds a master degree in Biochemistry from Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi. Apart from Work, He enjoys traveling, playing Volleyball & listening to music

Vaishali Gupta

Vaishali Gupta is leading product module team and is responsible for the coordination of all daily research activities including assigning CAS number, applications to chemical compounds, reading patents, analyzing chemical websites and journals and utilizing the information to create synthesis path. She plays a pivotal role in enhancing LSIPD product module content

Vaishali holds a Master degree in Chemistry from CCS University in India. Apart from Work, She enjoys traveling, reading novels and dancing

Business Development Team

Tasneem Aara

Tasneem Aara is leading the business development activity of Regulatory affairs services; She is responsible for the coordination, maintaining communication & relations with clients for regulatory affairs business development. Prior to joining this organization, she holds significant work experience with regulatory agencies

Tasneem holds a master degree in pharmaceutics from Galgotias University, India

Tasneem has an adventurous spirit, she likes travelling, she is an avid reader and loves to sing & dance

HR, Accounting & IT Team

Ifra Fatima

Ifra Fatima is leading and responsible for human resource & accounting activity. Prior to joining Lifescience Intellipedia, Ifra was actively performing HR activity with Konnexions Pvt. Ltd.

Apart from work, She enjoys traveling, reading horror novels, painting and watching movies

Shailendra Gautam

Shailendra Gautam has sigficant experience in IT & Web Development. He is responsible for all IT activities in organization such as Dedicated Server hosting, domain, security, networking, hardware & software, company teleservices, ESS and new vedor development for IT

Shailendra holds a bachelor of engineering degree in computer science from RGPV University. Apart from work he enjoys watching movies, playing chess


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