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Technology Transfer Services

Lifescience Intellipedia product specific expert panel, scientists, techno experts and product development team has capability to provide you not only assistance but they will actually demonstrate the know-how of product development at your premises

1. Paper Tech Pack - We provide complete paper based commercial process, basic idea of facilities required, manufacturing cost analysis detail along with control and developmental study details for manufacturing of any product

2. Technology Transfer at Commercial Scale - This is actual demonstration of know-how of any product manufacturing process at your plant, our product development team will actually demonstrate the manufacturing of product to your team

General Features

5000 products readily technology available

Complex technology handling

Best economically demonstrated process

New technological updates

All complementary services for product development available

Products available under Following Industries

Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients


Pharma Formulations

Fine chemicals


Dyes & Pigments

Polymer & Plastic chemicals

Specialty Chemicals




Inorganic & Organic Chemicals

Ayurveda & food


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